Monday, November 28, 2011


Come on! Let's continue with more animal riddles. Let our students surprise us with their amazing descriptions. Have fun!


  1. My animal lives in the forest.It is big around 250cm long.It weighes around 1t.
    It is black and white.It has got a hairy body and its hair is straight.It is bag and fat.
    It eats bambu.
    By Saül

  2. My animal lives in the desert. It is small. It mesuare 90cm. It weighes around 7kg. It is orange and yellow. It has got fast legs, big ears, a little nose and mouth, and long hair. It eats little mosquitoes and little animals.

  3. My animal lives in the Amazon. It is very big, It is around two meters long.It weighes around one tone . It is green. It has got a long tail.It eat meat and fish.

    By Jorge

  4. Laura Romaguera Hernàndez.28/11/11 20:17

    My animal live in the country side.It is small and sometimes fat,it weighes two kg.It is soft and it is very fast.It's favourite food are carrots and lettuces.

  5. Hello Remei!! I have just got your message. Do not worry, you can publish you riddle tomorrow evening. By the way, I think Laura is describing a rabbit, Jorge is describing a crocodile, Andrea is describing a chamaleon,and Saül is describing a panda. Am I right? Now it's your turn!

  6. Let me try...
    My animal lives in the ocean. It is the biggest mammal on earth. They can "sing" to their family. It can breath through a hole in the top of its head.

  7. My animal lives in the water and in the ground.
    It is small. It weighes around two Kg.
    It is brown. It has got a small face, and it has got a short tail. It has got four thin and short legs.It eats vegetables and leaves.
    It always carries its house on its back

  8. Hello, I'm Penélope
    My animal lives in the farms. It is little. It has got very long ears and its hair its straights and soft.
    It is 30 cm. It weighes around 10 kg.
    It is white, black, brown or grey.
    It has got a little nose and fast leggs. It is an athletic animal.
    It eats carrots.

    What animal is????

  9. My animal isn't a chamaleon.
    I think the Sandra's animal is a turtle.
    The Laura's animal is a rabbit.
    The Penelope's animal is a rabbit, too.

  10. Ester your animal is a whale or a dolphin , Sandra your animal is a tortoise and Andrea your animal is a fox.

  11. Jordi Joanes30/11/11 18:43

    My animals lives in the jungle. It is 150cm long. It weighes around 70 kg. It is brown and orange. It has got a furiuos and patient character. It eats meat, only meat.


  12. Hello!Saul your animal is a panda.I am a soothsayer.

  13. My animal lives in Africa.It is very big. It is 2'5 m long and 1'5 m tall. It weighes around 500 kg. It is yellow. It has got a long hair and a long tail. It is dangerous. It eats meat.

  14. Lauraa! (:30/11/11 20:04

    Yes,my animal is a rabbit you're right!! Very good (: it's very easy,Esther I think that you're animal is a whale!! Am I right??

  15. remei piquer30/11/11 20:23

    My animal lives in the jungle.It is large, and it has got long hair in his head. It is 1,5 metres.It weight around 50 kg.
    It is orange and brown.
    It has got a hairy tail.
    It eatsothers animals.

    What is my animal...???

  16. Jordi Joanes: Your animal is a tiger?
    Saül: Correct! My animal is a turtle!You are very intelligent because my riddle is very difficult! Jajajajjaa :)

  17. Eric: You're animal is a lion?

  18. Hello Esther, I read your Riddle, and have been thinking between two animals, but for the last sentence, I think that your animal can be a whale!
    Am I right?

  19. remei piquer30/11/11 20:37

    Hello the animal of Saül is the panda, Andrea is the fox, Jorge is the cocodraile, Laura!(: is the rabbit, Sandra a tortoise, Penelope is a rabbit, Eric is a lion, Jotdi Joanes is a tiger and ESTHER is a wale.
    Am i right??

  20. Remei: I think that you are very right!! JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE :)

  21. Anonymous2/12/11 19:32

    My animal lives in Africa.It's big.It weighes araund five tones.It's grey.It has got a tail and two big ears and two big fangs. this animal eats plants.

    Marc Falcó

  22. Marc you write in grup A but yor animal is an elefant.Remei your animal hae a very possibiliys.Is a lion,tiger,lince or other aimal?Eric you guess my animal but I guess for your animal (is a lion).

  23. remei piquer3/12/11 15:59

    marc falco you can not commnet becouse it is de group B you think the group A.
    I'm wrong Esther?¿?¿?¿

  24. I think the Esther's animal is a whale, the saul's animal is a panda, the jorge's animal is a cocodrile. Yes my animal is a Fox!!!!!

  25. Hey!!! This is a public blog and anyone can comment anywhere, ok?? Remember that we divided the riddles into to parts to make it easy to publish, that's all. All comments are welcome!

  26. My animal live in the jungle.It weighes around 50 km.It's orange and black.It eat meat.

  27. My animal lives in Africa and parts of the MIddle East. It weighes around 50-55 kg. It's golden yellow and it has black spots, with a bit of brown in them. This animal has two long stripes near the eyes. It has a white belly! This animal is the fastest on Earth! It is a very good hunter thanks to it's speed and it's good eyesight. This animal is a large-sized feline, with a very, very long tail! ¿Can you guess which animal is it?

    By Cristina. ❤ ❤ ❤